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Group Pricing

Lodging: $25/person/day

2-night to 5-night minimum based on season

August through May: 2-nights and 25 people minimum.

June through July: 5-nights and 35-130 people required.

June & July groups are required to choose catering (kitchen rental is not an option during summer.)

($20/day for locals in your group who do not spend the night.)

Sound System in Chapel: $100

Rent ours or bring your own

Rent our small sound system with 2 microphones (Requires our staff setup and supervision): $100. 

(Bring your own - no charge).

Hayride Wagon: $25/trip

Prices Vary

Each trip can accommodate approximately 25 people. 

Campfire/Firewood: $10/fire


We'll chop the wood and have it ready for you! Someone from your group will need to light the fire and be in charge of putting it out safely for your group. 

Option: Catering: $8-$10/person/meal

Prices vary (Larger groups get discounts)

Groups of 35-50 - $10 per person per meal
Groups of 51-75 - $9 per person per meal
Groups of 76-130 - $8 per person per meal

Swimming Pool: $15-$30/hour

May 15 - September 15

$15-$30 per hour depending on the size of your group and how many Lifeguards we determine are needed. May 15 - September 15 only. Use of our Lifeguards is required. 

Glow in the Dark Dodgeball

Pricing begins at $300

This activity is played at night in our gym. Our staff will set up. The entire gym will be outlined with glow stick boundary lines. Glowing Dodge Balls will be provided for your use. Each player will be given 2 glow bracelets and 1 glow necklace. $300 for 1st 30 players - plus $2 per each additional player. This is always a hit with our guest groups. Please be mindful that it takes 1,000's of glow sticks and a few hours of set-up time for our staff to provide this activity.

Free Activities


Gymnasium with basketball, carpetball, foosball, and 4-square.
Indoor and Outdoor Chapel, Beach Volleyball, rope swing behind the chapel, 9-square-in-the-air, and ballfield/activity field.

Option: Kitchen Rental: $125-$200

You cook for your group

Groups of $25 or more can choose to cook for themselves.  

Kitchen rental is $5/person with a $200 max fee.

Example: $125 fee for groups of 25.  $200 fee for groups of 40 or more.

River Activities: $15-$30/hour

Prices varies

$15-$30 per hour depending on the size of your group and how many Lifeguards we determine are needed. Canoeing, kayaking, swimming, rope swing. Use of our Lifeguards is required. 

Team Challenge Low Ropes Course

Price begins at $100

Does your group need to work on team building, working together, or getting along?  This is a great activity for such! Each group can only consist of a maximum of 12 participants.  $100 minimum. $100 plus $20/hour per group of 12.

See our Activities page for more!


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